ABC is a California based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in 1992 with the mission of protecting endangered and threatened avian species from extinction. (CA 1849060)

ABC has focused on three areas to accomplish its mission: providing education about birds; providing funds for conservation project in other countries; and conducting captive breeding of threatened and endangered species.

ABC has provided study units for elementary schools in the Contra Cost California area and has funded the writing of a chapter on Avian Genetics to be part of a text book on aviculture for college students. ABC is working on study units for each level of elementary and secondary schools. The preliminary work on husbandry manuals for birds in aviculture has been initiated under the guidance of Graeme Phipps. More funding is needed to continue these valuable education projects.

ABC has provided funds to the Philippine Endemic Species Conservation Project of the Frankfurt Zoological Society. This funding helped with the rehabilitation and release of hornbills and the provision of educational materials about conserving species in the Philippines. More funding is needed to continue supporting this project and to initiate support for other important conservation projects.


ABC chose to work with the parrots of Madagascar, the Greater Vasa (Coracopsis vasa) and the Lesser Vasa (Coracopsis nigra). At present ABC works with approximately sixty Greater Vasas and six pair of Lesser Vasas. The goal is to have pairs completely parent rear their young and then flock these birds for future breeding. Presently the parent pairs of Greater Vasas are able to rear and fledge young. More funding is needed to expand construction of large flights for flocking birds. (See

ABC Board of Directors
The members of Board of Directors of the ABC are as follows: Roland Cristo, John Del Rio, Laurella Desborough, Diane Grindol, Dr. Brian Speer and Carol Stanley.

We welcome the interest and support of the avicultural community and the public. All donations are tax deductible and are used only for projects. Board members receive no remuneration for their work.





David Ivey, Eclectus Group Board member, Don Wells, On Site Conservation Manager, Laurella Desborough, Eclectus Group Board member, meeting to discuss the conservation project. MORE...
ABC is assisting with a conservation project in Indonesia that will provide nest logs and plant fruiting trees for eclectus parrots and cockatoos on one of the islands where their habitat is diminished. 100% of monies donated for this project will be used for the project itself.
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ABC website: Address: ABC c/o Laurella Desborough, P O Box 2552, Middleburg, FL 32050-2552. Phone/Fax: 904-291-9043
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Dr. Brian Speer, ABC board member, performs a routine exam on a Greater Vasa parrot, Coracopsis vasa